Wattle Hurdles

These woven hurdles make excellent garden screens and windbreaks. Made from a mixture of cleft and round hazel rods, they look superb in cottage-style gardens or rustic settings.

  • 6′ long by 3′: £45
  • 6′ ” 4′: £60
  • 6′ ” 5′: £78
  • 6′ ” 6′: £96

Other sizes can be made to order; price on application.

Woven fences

These can be built in-situ where sweeping curves and changes of height are more appropriate than individual panels.

Each fence has to be priced individually, but, as a guide, they start at £36 a square yard.

Post and Rail Fencing

Wood cleft along the grain is both stronger and more durable than sawn material.

Combined with the durability of oak or sweet chestnut you can have an attractive, robust fence at little cost to the environment.

From £55 per yard run for a three rail fence. Again, erection costs will vary according to site conditions

Cleft Oak Paling Fences

Cleft from straight-grained, knot-free oak, these robust and durable fences will age gracefully in a way that modern sawn and treated softwoods simply cannot match. The tenons are shaped with an adze to ensure a clean line and a smooth finish.

A typical 30″ high paling fence would cost from £55 per yard run erected. Erection costs will vary depending on site conditions.

A cheaper alternative would be to use sawn posts and rails with the same cleft palings.