Making Wattle Hurdles

May 6th/7th. Making Wattle Hurdles.
Learn how to use a billhook and split hazel. Get to grips with the starting and finishing sequences and build up the body of the weave. At the end of the day you should have a small hurdle to take away with you and a fine selection of callouses.
£150 for the weekend, inclusive of materials and with all tools provided. Camping will be available at our Yard (see below).

Courses at Ironbridge

In 2017 I will be running three other courses at the Greenwood Centre in the Ironbridge Gorge, near Telford.

March 25th/26th – Wattle Hurdles
Sept 15th/16th – Coppice Tools and Devices
Oct 27th/28th – Tool Sharpening

For full details of these go to their website,

Charcoal Making

June 24th/25th. Charcoal making.
Pure alchemy! The art of converting assorted pieces of wood into charcoal. We’ll manage a burn in a big ring kiln as well as in 45 gallon oil drums and we’ll take you through the whole process of stacking, lighting and closing down a burn. You should leave with a fine bag of barbecue charcoal, some artists drawing charcoal, lots of experience – and very dirty!
£145 for the weekend, camping on site. Accomodation: for most of my courses, camping is available at our Yard just north of Tetbury. Here you will find a composting toilet and cold running water (luxury!); a covered Camp Kitchen, some sleeping platforms in the roof of one of our buildings and some space for camper vans or tents.